Great Depression

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The Great Depression was a difficult time for all the American people. It was a time of unemployment, falling wages, and hope for recovery (“Chapter 27”). Some of the causes of the Great Depression were government policies, economic factors, and the gold standard (“Chapter 27”). Other reasons included the fall of the stock market, overseas investments, and the investments in Florida real estate (Farless). The president at the time of this difficult time was President Herbert Hoover. When the Great Depression started, Herbert Hoover took matters into his own hands. President Herbert Hoover came up with multiple recovery attempts.

Some of the recovery attempts President Herbert Hoover took were increasing credit, created the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, the Glass-Steagall Act, Federal Home Loan Act, and the Emergency and Relief Construction Act of 1932 (“Chapter 27”). The Emergency and Relief Construction Act of 1932 was to create funds for the public works programs (“Chapter 27”). The Glass-Steagall Act was to increase loan opportunities and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation was to keep financial establishments open (“Chapter 27”). Finally, the Federal Home Loan Act was to provide help for financing home mortgages (“Chapter 27”). President Herbert Hoover also believed that looking to the local government and volunteerism would be the solution for the Great Depression (Farless). Even though President Herbert Hoover attempted to beat the Great Depression, many Americans did not agree with some of the things he was creating.

Some of the protests that emerged while President Herbert Hoover was in office were the Farm Holiday Association, labor strikes, Ford River Rouge Factory, and ...

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...ession must have been a difficult time for Americans. The employment rate was decreasing, the death toll had risen, and there were falling wages (“Chapter 27”). Somehow the American people were able to keep their heads up high and still have hope. With the help of President Herbert Hoover and President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Great Depression would slowly start to get better.

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