Gravitational Theory And General Relativity Essay

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Gravitational Theory and General Relativity Gravitational theory and the theory of general relativity are two of the most important theories in the modern study of Physics. The scientists who have developed these theories are some of the most famous scientists of all time, including many legends within the scientific community such as Aristotle, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Einstein, and Hawking. These theories are two of these most influential developments in the history of human knowledge. Gravitational theory began with Greek physicist Aristotle, who believed that objects all moved toward their “natural place”. From the center of the universe (the planet Earth), each natural element moved outward in concentric spheres, earth was the furthest…show more content…
He was born in Lincolnshire, England. Newton went off to Trinity College, Cambridge when it was time to start college, and after the school was closed down due to the plague, he returned home to study astronomy by himself. It was then, fabled to be sitting in his garden at his house, that he came up with arguably his most important scientific contribution, possibly the largest contribution to science of all time, his three laws of motion. In 1667, Newton returned to Cambridge, which he remained at for the next 29 years of his life. Publishing his most famous works there and eventually creating the first reflecting telescope, and receiving membership into the Royal Society. While there, he also came up with his law of universal gravitation, stating that everything has gravity and affects other objects proportionally between the objects’ masses and the distance between them. All of his calculations were not entirely complete however, because they all accounted for a “Gravitational Constant” which Newton himself never discovered the value…show more content…
A theory is a hypothesis that has stood the test of time, and hasn’t been disproven, but theories can not be proved, only disproved. As a result, Einstein’s theory of general relativity is simply a theory, and not a law or a

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