Granny's Revelations

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"The Jilting of Granny Weatherall" is a short story written by Katherine Anne Porter there in the story there is a complicated type of narration since is being told through a third person point of view, but also having consciousness of the protagonist Ellen "Granny" Weatherall making easier for the reader to feel part compassion and self-pity for Granny whilst still knowing about the other characters and their intentions. The short story is about an elderly woman who is eighty years old getting aged by the day and slowly reaching her time that is limited in this world. Surely is about a senior woman in her "deathbed" with life flashing before her eyes, reflecting on her past and present situations, having her family, physician and priest gathering around to spend her last moments alive with her, but it's also about a strong, independent woman, who was hurt, or "jilted" as they like to put it, in this particular short story. The message in this short story has a deep and meaningful relation to what is to be on her death, thus making the author intertwine Granny's struggles from her past and future with the concerns of betrayal, religion, memories, and death. The story deals mostly with a woman dealing with what the effect of betrayal had on her as a woman, wife, and mother throughout her life. Her past lover and fiancé George, her daughter Cornelia, and God all did or had an injustice by what Anne Porter refers to as “jilting” in other words the author uses allusion as well to show how being betrayed affected her and those around her. George is Granny Weatherall's ex-lover and from the passage we learn that; he did Not show up on their wedding day, leaving her at alter waiting, which gives the reader to conclude that Granny hasn’... ... middle of paper ... ...Cornelia has been a fine daughter to her by taking care of her in bed whilst having limited time to live and apparently Granny doesn’t distinguish that, because through the comments Granny says "I'd like to spank her" why would she want to spank her daughter? would It be for being a decent girl. It irritates Granny Weatherall that Cornelia frequently visits her bedside, making it seem like she doesn't want anything to do with Cornelia who is her own daughter. Her frustration at the activities around her can be keenly felt when she says, “Well, and what if she was? She still had ears,” and “Can’t a body think, I’d like to know?” (57). Again when she says, “Cornelia thought she was deaf, dumb, and blind” (58). It is obvious that Granny resents being treated like a child−dismissed and talked over, but not include showing the side of sympathy and self-pity for Granny.

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