Grandma's 'Commandment In Shulhan Aroch'

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710 words

Yesterday, I heard you say that human dignity trumps any torah given commandment. We as humans thrive best when we feel comfortable and in our place. However, I do believe that commandments were created for us to strictly follow, and they are not there to trouble us. That being said, I do feel there are times when we can deviate from commandments in certain situations, like seeking help, when in trouble, when others need us, or in any other pivotal situation. For example, if you are sick and stuck at home and you have no way of getting to a family celebration, I would break the law of driving on the sabbath because your presence in our family celebrations is more important. Or, if you are hungry and shaky, I would go into the room …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the torah commandment trumps human dignity, despite their level of embarrassment.
  • Opines that the shulcan aroch's interpretation of dirrabanan agrees with grandma, stating that human dignity is more important than a rabbinic prohibition.
  • Explains the torah's reason for why human dignity only sometimes trumps the commandments.

In Sholcon Aroch, it explains “One who sees doraita kilayim (wool and linnen) on another person, even if that person is walking in the market, must rush toward him and tear it off of him immediately, even if it is your teacher,”(Shulhan Arukh Yoreh Deah). This quote means that the torah commandment trumps human dignity, despite their level of embarrassment. The Shulhan Aroch’s belief of Deorita Kilayim shows just what not to do in my opinion. In this scenario Grandma, your beliefs on human dignity is correct, I think this persons human dignity is much more important than the commandment itself. In contrast, when it comes the rabbis, the Schulcan Aroch agrees with you!The writers of Shulcahan Arukh believe that when it comes to the rabbis version of the kilayim interpretation human dignity is able to trump a rabbinic prohibition. It states,”But if it was drabbanan do not tear it off nor even take it off in the market; wait until the person arrives home,”(shulcan arukh yoreh deah). Grandma you are correct in this situation, The Shulcan Arochs interpretation of dirrabanan agrees with you! It says that your human dignity is so important that it is not worth making you change right …show more content…

There is a pasuk in the Torah that says under no circumstance does anything trump G-d. Yet, as we read on and look at the Gemera, we will see that there are certain sittuations where human dignity trumps a torah given law. The Gemara states,“’או שהיתה מלאכתו מרובה משל חברוו(brachot 19b). This teaching says that if you are a Cohen, it is forbidden for you to walk into a cemetery, however the cemetary is where the lost object is for you to return. In this situation it is okay for your human dignity to trump that law. The Gemara goes on to explain another point which says, “ ) ’או היה זקן ואינה לפי כבודוBrachot 19b). This one states that if you are too old and it is too difficult for you to return the object that is fine. This can also be interpreted as if you are an old man and a young lady in front of you dropped a private item, it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to return it. In this case once again human dignity trumps a torah given law. Grandma, I hope me clarifying to you the scenarios when human dignity trumps torah laws helps you further explain to your friends about human dignity, and even elaborate a little more! You can even explain to them the exact scenarios where human dignity is so crucial, I am sure they will think very highly of your knowledge when you tell them! In addition, I hope this assists you in elaborating on your point, or tweaking it! I

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