Grammar Teaching Essay

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Ways of grammar teaching:
There are two core ways that teachers are suitable to teach grammar: deductively and inductively. Both deductive and inductive teaching has their positive and negative sides and which approach is useful depend on a number of factors, such as the nature of the language being taught and the preferences of the teacher and learners. These two approaches have been applied to grammar teaching and learning. A deductive approach involves the learners being given a general rule, which is then applied to specific language examples and learning goes through practice exercises. An inductive approach involves the learners working out a ‘rule’ for themselves before they practice the language. A deductive approach (rule-driven)
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It has typical lesson which follows that approach starts with explaining the rule and goes with practicing exercises. During the completion of exercises the focus is mainly on reading and writing, self-expression completely neglected. Besides, in classroom when the lesson starts with grammar it may cause certain opposition in pupils, especially in younger ones. This sort of teaching establish the idea that language learning is based only on remembering rules (DeFelice,2005: 49–51; Thornbury, 1999). According to Bob Adamson, “The deductive method is often criticized because: a) it teaches grammar in an isolated way; b) little attention is paid to meaning; c) practice is often…show more content…
As ke (2008) referred drills, memorization is the examples of deductive teaching. In his paper, he mentioned inductive approach as a “rediscover” because this teaching pattern discovers the learners‟ A Comparative study of Teaching Grammar in Bangla and English Medium Schools 13 hidden grammar knowledge (p.2).
The positive aspect of the method is that it saves time. Teacher’s explanations, independent work and subsequent checks are effective methods for learning facts and developing basic skills (Allahyar and Ramezanpour, 2011: 240–243; Entwistle, 1998: 225–258). This sort of teaching has been found suitable for many students (Thornbury, 1999; Widodo, 2006:
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