Grammar In English Language Teaching And Learning Case Study

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In this chapter, some key terms related to the study will be introduced. The first part describes the status of grammar in English language teaching and learning. The following section states the definitions and categories of language learning strategies. After that, the third section reveals the definitions and categories of grammar learning strategies. Lastly, the fourth part presents previous studies on Grammar learning strategies.
2.1. Historical background of grammar instruction Richards and Rodgers (2001) stated that the goal of foreignlanguage learning of the time was “to learn a language in order to read its literature or inorder to benefit from the mental discipline and intellectual development that resultfrom foreign language study”
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This method was named “the Direct Method” due to its proponents ofthis natural method. In this method, second languageacquisition was considered to be the same as the first language acquisition. Themedium of instruction was the target language, and exposure to the spoken targetlanguage and oral production were emphasized over reading and writing.Moreover, grammar was taught inductively, without much attention given to itsrules; language learners were, in fact, supposed to ‘pick up’ the grammar structuresby being actively involved in language, in the way that children do when they arelearning the mother tongue (Thornbury,…show more content…
For this method, pronunciation and oral drilling of basic patternswere paid much attention.
In the 1970s, a main shift in the emphasis of skill from reading and writing to speaking lead to the emerge of the method called “Communication Language Teaching Approach”. The notions and functions of the language were paid much attention to than the grammar structure. Its main goal wasto bring into the teaching and learning environment a realistic context. That was the reason why grammar was not the main focus of CLT
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