Graffiti an Art or Not

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Art surrounds our plant from cost to cost, and it changes our views on the world. Although it seems we still can not distinguish art from mockery, it forces us to look at the ugly side of a modern art that is vulgar. Graffiti a term that comes from the Italian word that means to scratch known as graffio (“Graffiti.” Issues and Controversies). Street art as some call it has become very popular among want to be artist;however, there is one problem it's illegal. The law should not put up with this type art because it destructive to the public. Graffiti should not be considered a legal art form because it is vandalism.
The first reason graffiti isn't an art is because it is damaging to our community and our own property. In Fremantle , Australia they consider graffiti vandalism, and that it's a criminal offense.(“Graffiti Vandalism”). Graffiti has a major effect on property value, and business by lowering the expected value (“Graffiti.” Issues and Controversies). This is the amount of money the property is worth, and it can change dramatically depending on the treatment of the property. To keep the value up on the property the owners will have to pay big, or tax payers for fetal building will have to chip into costly over ups to keep there community from looking unprofessional (“Graffiti.” Issues and Controversies). These violation of the law and order in regard to graffiti in America has brought out anti graffiti campaigns (“Graffiti”). These campaigns have been used to try to stop graffiti; nevertheless, it has quite the opposite effect. It seems that the artist have taken these campaigns as a challenge, so they have become rebellious being influenced by the thrill by the illegal art form (“Graffiti”). If this increase of defi...

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...e up of many type of true art and artist. We can tell by these remarkable pieces that graffiti is not art.

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