Graduation Speech : The Star Sheet Simulation

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Today I learned from reflecting on our sixth class session about how students may feel cheated, overwhelmed, and even like a failure in how the education system can be stacked up against them and their needs when accommodations and adaptations are not in place and they are expected to perform in an environment in which their needs are not being met. Nowhere was this more evident that when the class participated in conducting the star sheet simulation in which we had to rely on a mirror reflection to trace over the paper star without looking directly at the star itself. That example served as an analogy one could say of how challenging and difficult that students with special learning needs may feel with being tasked to do something that is not within their comfort zone of doing when being expected to do it like other students while also struggling to not deviate in performing the task successfully. Consequently, such a task like this demonstrated as an extension for us students in the class to become more aware how frustrating and easy a special education student may want to give up in a task that may seem simple but can also be daunting when having stipulations imposed in completing it. This in turn led to another aspect in which I came to learn and understand from the class session in which the professor reviewed with us about the importance of establishing firm and consistent behavior management in the classroom, which in turn could affect the outcome by how well a student is able to perform during assessment as well as other classroom activities and procedures. It was from this standpoint, that I learned that essentially the more clear and simple that classroom behavior management and procedures are put into practice, the be... ... middle of paper ... ... verbal repetition about the existing rule in place so as to let the student know that the teacher is in control and is setting up the tempo rather than the student in how to proceed in addressing the student misbehavior that is at hand. I think also that this would be an interesting tactic for myself to utilize when reflecting on this class session as I have never used it from my recollection and I would be curious if I did use it how the offending student would react. I would probably imagine that what might go through the prospective offending student’s mind is at first thinking, this teacher has some sort of mental issues for repeating himself several times to a realization that this is not a multiple choice discussion in how to interact with the teacher but rather a one-way trip in acknowledging and complying with what the teacher is stating towards the student.

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