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In the late 1990s, we leased 40+-foot bare-boats twice in the BVI and sailed around the Tortola. We invited Charlie, and he joined us; a great thrill for us. Before we were allowed to rent that size craft, I expected a rigorous check of our qualifications but my application history must have convinced them I knew what I was doing because there was no checkout at all. Given that, we explored the area, did very well and moored for overnight stays both in established mooring zones and at anchor. Charlie met Angela Popko in high school and kept a long distance relationship for a few years, then in 2000 they were married in her parents back yard. I was honored to initiate the ceremony by the ringing of Dad’s Vigilant bell. Friends and relatives from all over the country attended the beautiful event. We hosted a gathering at our home before the wedding where someone had the nerve to smuggle in some Havana cigars. What fun we had! Both Charlie and Angela liked the New York area, and they headed to his job at Avesta there as a technical writer. Angela worked as a social w...

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