Graduation Speech On Student Learning

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Introduction Communicating clear expectations is an important part of being a teacher. But, does a posting lesson objectives for students to know the purpose of the lesson really help communicate those expectations? The California State University, Northridge Master’s in Educational Technology cohort, studied this question and the effects posting lesson objectives had on students learning. The cohort hypothesized that posting objectives in the classroom would increase student achievement. This would most likely be due to the expectations set forth in those objectives. Students would understand what was expected of them by the end of each lesson. Background The reasoning behind posting objectives is that it would inform students what is expected of them by the end of a class period. In theory, this would allow students to self-monitor their learning to make sure they meet that goal by the end of the class. Literature shows support for this theory and shows that posting objectives can have a positive affect on student learning. Lesson objectives are important for teachers to create for several reasons. Many teachers are evaluated on posting objectives. Also, many members of the Educational Technology Master’s cohort are required to post daily lesson objects on a board for students to see. Daily objectives can help teachers set goals for their students and plan assessments that align to what is being taught (Althoff et al., 2007). However, this study does not look at the effects that posting daily objectives has on teaching practices. The study only looked at the effects of posting objectives as it pertains directly to student achievement and engagement. Setting daily lesson objectives has been part of many studies that focus on s... ... middle of paper ... ... objectives written or posted. The class consisted of 30 students. The average grade of the class before the study was 75.39%. The class sessions occurred during period 1 and had many students arrive five to 15 minutes late. This is a common problem at my school. These students often missed the first reference to the lesson objective given at the beginning of class. Several cohort teachers had slight variations to these procedures. Data collection methods varied among cohort members. Many teachers collected the exit ticket data and student survey by having students complete a Google form. The number of classes and class size reported by members also varied. A few teachers performed the study on three or more classes for a total of more than 100 students. Around 500 students were involved in this study throughout the two weeks it was conducted. Results Conclusions

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