Graduation Speech On Math And Science

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In the early years of my life, I went to school in Ethiopia; there, schools mostly focused on advancing students knowledge in math and science subjects. For this reason, I grew fascinated in the basic concepts of math and science which lead to my success in these subjects throughout my educational career. Prior to my arrival in the United States, the only common language I shared with my classmates and teachers in middle school was mathematics. I wasn’t obligated to speak English to understand what my teacher was teaching; all I had to do was stay engaged and gaze at the numbers on the board and make the connections. One of the things I love about math was that it is consistent and logical. No matter how hard the puzzle gets, the pieces fit perfectly together. My biggest accomplishment in middle school was passing the OAKS math test (Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills). The OAKS test assesses your abilities in english, reading, and math.Although I didn’t pass the reading and writing portion of the exam, I scored above average in the math section, which advanced me and a few other of my classmates into geometry when we enter High School. Besides my love and appreciation for math, another tool that helped me excel in math class is preparation. Before going into Algebra ii and honors-pre calculus, I took a semester class for both these subjects at my neighborhood community college. In addition, when I have a free period, I become a teacher assistant for the math class I am taking to insure my knowledge and success in the class. This also gave me plenty of time to ask for help as well as create a personal relationship with my teacher. My math teacher gave me extra questions and worksheets on the topics struggled on. With my ... ... middle of paper ... ...y misleading labels on food items and shampoo bottles. However, my Chemistry class didn’t just teach me chemistry, it taught the attitudes and habits it takes to succeed in a science class, and I look forward to applying these lessons to my future classes. Chemistry is the first science class I received a B on, but it is also the class that taught me, challenged me, and prepared me for college the most. Math and science classes are the reason I look forward to waking up at 6 am and taking the bus to school everyday. For this reason, during my senior year, I am challenging my interest in these subjects by taking two science and math classes: AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus. With the help of my teachers, my online resources, and my determination, I will be able to excel in these classes and be prepared for the challenges I will face in college.
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