Graduation Speech : Never Give Up

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Never Give Up
After finishing fifth grade, the excitement of going to a new school in a different environment grew as the first day of class came closer. Little did I know, things were about to change from acceptance to spurn. I remember entering the campus and being amazed by how differently things were going about. My friends and I met up every morning from then on, and school in general went great, for a while.
At about halfway through the semester, I began to get ugly looks from people I used to call friends back in elementary. As a child, I was naive towards the way humankind thought, so when my classmates started to criticize me for having a desire to obtain new knowledge, I was confused. Not sure if to continue my studies, or stop being a good student. I decided to only do the least required amount of work to pass the class. I began to understand that all the name calling and cursing was directed towards me. The saddest realization of this point in my lifetime is I was subconsciously getting used to it. All the excitement I owned about school perished quickly when the teachers would see the way my classmates would treat me, yet they did nothing. After a while, my patience ran out, so I became an introvert and my wardrobe changed from girly to the stereotypical “tom-boy”. I stopped looking for ways to get involved in school because of a bully named Cuevas. He would taunt me all the time. It began with him being nice only to get answers to assignments. I eventually realized his agenda and stopped speaking to him. He of course, did not like it one bit, so he started tormenting me by disrespecting my space and making me scared of staying after school. There was only one instance that a teacher caught his atten...

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...tie I had with the bad memories. The first step I took after breaking free, was help teach students who did not understand a language or had complications with mathematics. I then started to assist teachers in with their grading and found myself a place in the library. The librarians were nice enough to make me their right hand and allowed me to gain experience.
If there were to be a chance for me to change my past, I would not take it. The bullying that took place in school did not happen in vain. Even if I felt like giving up, the pain built the person I am today. From my experience I learned to never lose faith because there is hope out in the world even if it seems impossible to keep on living. I am not bitter nor do I have resentment in my heart, for my succor came when I least expected it. Now my focus is to become a teacher and assist the ones in need.

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