Graduation Speech : My College Education Experience

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My College Education Experience My transition to college was very rough, not only was I just, “going to college,” I felt as if I was picking up my life, and moving it to the city of Merced. Originally I was supposed to have first year student housing guarantee, but I missed the deadline, and I didn’t get a dorm, I rented my own place and lived by myself for an entire year. I also carried a very negative attitude and very bitter about attending UC Merced, because it was my last choice. I was too arrogant to see how blessed I was to have all of these opportunities, and affected my academic performance. However, at the end of my first year, I had not just improved my GPA, but I felt as if I have found another part of myself in Merced. During the fall semester of my freshmen year, I make up a lot of excuses to cover up why my grades were bad, and why I wasn’t getting involved with the school. I had make the mistake of choosing a 7:30 AM psychology class, when I lived 30 minutes away from campus, and the buses ran once every hour. Towards the middle of the semester, I was either falling asleep in many of my lectures, or skipping them because I didn’t want to go. I had also withdrew from my chemistry class because I was failing and I didn’t want to try any harder to pass. As for my writing 01 class, all of my focus was in the wrong place, because I dispised my teacher, I handed in assignments with the bare minimal effort. There was another pass/ fail course all students must complete by their 2nd year at UC Merced called, undergraduate studies. I thought the class was too easy, and didn’t put any effort into it and also ended up failing. The last class I chose to take to fulfill my arts requirement was Japanese. I also made the mist... ... middle of paper ... ..., but they are getting better. I learned to appreciate the chance to attend to college, and thank my parents for the sacrifices they’ve made so I can attend. I learned that if I ignore my problems, they will never get any better and we all have our own struggles, but it’s how we choose to deal with them and improve ourselves that make all the difference. The hardest thing to do is believe in yourself, even when no one else does. I had rough high school years, never had many friends, and struggled in a lot of my classes during my senior year. I always felt that my scores barely made it into UC Merced. The hardest thing I overcame is knowing I am more capable that I ever thought I could be and I am confident that I can succeed. I do belong at UC Merced, and I am PROUD TO BE A BOBCAT! I will never sell myself short again, and I am excited for the start of sophomore year!
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