Graduation Speech : High School Graduation

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Saturday night was my high school graduation and tomorrow afternoon was the party on Sunday. That whole weekend my family was coming into town to watch me walk across the stage for graduation. When I got my high school diploma, I was so excited and it felt great. As my family came to support me at my graduation, I felt proud of myself for what I had accomplished. When Sunday morning came, I went to church. When I came home from church, we got ready for my graduation party to show off my high school diploma. At the party, everyone came and left on their own time. Once my graduation party was over, I went through the gifts and cards that I had received. Out of all the great gifts that I had got there was only one that made a great impact on me. When I opened the last gift, my Grandma and Grandpa Kintner had brought. I opened it up and found a sky blue dazzling book scrapbook. It sparkled and glittered in the light and had my full name in brown textured letters on the cover. I was shocked when I saw this scrapbook in the box. This scrapbook means the world to me because there was lots of time and effort put into it, it capture almost every moment of my life and it is handmade. This scrapbook is by far the best gift I have had, because it has captured almost all the highlights in my life. My grandmother had taken time and effort to put it all together into one big book. She gave the forty-nine pages lots of thought and time just trying to get the best pictures. She went through tons of pictures to find the right ones. My mother had to help my Grandmother pick out pictures because they needed the best one that showed the memory at that moment. This shows that my Grandmother took the time to get to know me from the start. The time it t... ... middle of paper ... ...took her three years of carefully planning each page. This scrapbook has brought back many great memories and a friend, my Grandmother. For my Grandmother to create this big blue scrapbook is a huge accomplishment and it made a huge impact on me. This scrapbook shows who I am, what I have been through, and who all was in my life to support me. Along the way, I have learned many lessons, like how important hard work and support are in getting to the next level. This big scrapbook captures every moment of the highlights of my life so far. This is why my Grandmother is one of my best friends. She has always been there for me. This scrapbook shows how much love and support my Grandmother had for me and for the family to put this book together. In the end my Grandma Kintner is my best friend and this scrapbook holds a firm grip on that bond. It also means the world to me.
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