Graduation Speech : High School Graduation

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Saturday night was my high school graduation and my party was Sunday afternoon. That whole weekend my family was coming in to town to watch me walk across the stage. This made me feel happy and amazing. When I got my diploma I was so excited. It felt great to have a great achievement already finished. As my family came and supported me at my graduation was awesome, I felt really proud of myself for what I have accomplished. When Sunday came around I went to church that morning. When I came home we got ready for my party to show off my accomplishments, that I got through high school. As everyone came and left at their time. It felt great to have a weekend devoted to me. Once it was over I went through the gifts and cards that I got. Out of all the great gifts that I got there was only one that made a great impact on me. When I went in to the house to get the box my Grandma and Grandpa Kintner had brought. I opened it up and saw a jar filled with dirt. As I looked at it closer and read the tag tied to the bottle I had realized it was dirt from the softball fields. I have played softball for a number of years and seeing this softball dirt in the special jar meant a lot to me. As I thought that the jar of softball dirt was cool my Grandma Kintner told me that there was more in the box. So I looked in and saw this sky blue scrapbook. It sparkled and glittered in the light and had my full name in brown pop letters. This blue dazzling book was a scrapbook of me. I was shocked by seeing this scrapbook in the box, when I saw this it meant the world to me. This scrapbook shows a timeline of the highlights, family and many things that I like to do. (This is the best gift ever because every time I go through it some pictures reminds me of m... ... middle of paper ... ... had. Even though this scrapbook only touched on the highlights of my life through high school. I knew my family was there and I could count on a great memory from that award. This scrapbook only touches on the highlights, but it shows much more about me, then I would ever have thought. By all the effort my Grandma Kintner went through to get the right pictures at the right time. Also she had to find the best of the best photos, with help from my mom they found the best of the best photos. She gave it lots of thought and time trying to get it the best she can. Sometimes she had to ask my sister for help. In the end my Grandma Kintner made the best scrapbook I could ever imagine. When I go through it I can see those memories I had and how much they meant for me. My Grandma Kintner is the best, and I am glad that she made me this scrapbook. It means the world to me.
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