Graduation Speech : High School Graduation

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High School Graduation On my high school graduation ceremony, the moment of hard work paid off has finally arrived. Squeezing my best friend hand, I never experienced something so nerve racking, yet so emotional. The butterflies in my stomach didn’t let me focus. My heart was pounding, my hands were sweaty but ready to receive my high school diploma. When I finally heard my name being called, my family screamed of joy, especially my mother. During that memorable moment, a capture an eye on people who I used to call my friends. When I was in elementary, I was the only girl within my peers who struggled plenty in simple subjects such as reading, writing and mathematics. Although I had many resources in school to help me with this struggle, I never found a way to improve and be in the same level as my peers . Unlike me, they were recorded high level in reading writing and mathematics, done there homework perfectly, and always scored high on exams. As a child, knowing that I was different discouraged me that i 'll never be successful. The worst part was when the teacher would tell ...

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