Graduation Speech : High School Dance Team

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Since the age of two, I have been dancing. I have been involved in lyrical and classical ballet, contemporary, pointe, hiphop, jazz and tap. When I turned 6 I also took up gymnastics. Through middle school I danced, and did gymanstics as well as softball and soccer. I loved these sports but when high school hit, I had to pick one and I chose cheerleading. I chose this sport because it was not only a extraordinary team athletically but they were extremely involved with the community. We had fundraisers for less fortunate children multiple times and even got to interact with them every winter. The leadership role on the cheer team taught me so much, we lead the entire student body to have school spirit and respect at the football games every friday night. My senior year I decided to switch back to dance and tried out for my high school dance team, and made it! It has been such a blessing to me by showing me even more leadership and how to serve others at our school and in the community. I took up my first job sophomore year of high school and have stuck with it ever since. I currently still work there, Enchanted Beach Weddings. In this job I work labor and I am also one of the head photographers. We set up beautiful weddings on the beach and then I am in charge of directing them and leading the bride, groom and everyone else through the wedding. While I am doing that, I am also taking the wedding photography. It is a super stressful job to have couple’s wedding day experience in your hands and control, but I have never had a bad experience with it and am so priveleged to be a part of such an important day for couples about 75 times each year. On the side of this job, I have always had a fun job to make a little extra money by work... ... middle of paper ... ...hool and work and life in general. I did not strive to do my best in high school and especially my dual enrollment classes. I was not ever thinking about my future and started not coming to classes. Once I accepted God in my life Junior Summer, all that changed. I realized I was on a negative path and God helped me turn my life around. Senior year is going wonderful so far, my grades are the best they have ever been and I am busy as ever with work, school, church, and volunteer work. I love it this way, I believe staying busy requires me to stay on task and get a lot done, that is the lifestyle I have to take to college. Although that bad patch in high school lowered my grades and performance, making it more difficult to get into college, I am thankful it happened so I could learn from it before heading off to a new chapter in my life, hopefully at Auburn University!

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