Graduation Speech : High School

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When I was five years old, going to school seemed like going to a party all day. The majority of the day was filled with coloring pages, snack times, and playful games while lessons of numbers and letters were squeezed in between. Middle school proved to be slightly less enjoyable; the workload had significantly increased and with it added stress. However, the teachers still let us students out for a field day every chance they got. With cheerful memories of school years past and a backpack filled to the brim with supplies, I walked into Holt High School anticipating my last four years of public education as my greatest yet. After attending class for several weeks, I had a realization that hit me like a brick wall: high school sucks. Not only are we forced to take classes we have no interest in, but most of the classes taught in high school have no real importance in the real world and will never be used again. Also, school is designed for a specific type of learners and encompasses an inefficient schedule for classes that inhibits students. Our education system, in addition, is purely based off obtaining goals and striving for a high ACT score. To graduate high school, a requirement of different courses must be met. This typically means courses involving mathematics, English, science, practical arts, and fine arts. Everyone must complete these courses if they wish to earn their diploma. The injustice is the fact that many people have no interest in some of the required courses but are still forced to take them. Students who are not interested in a subject are most likely to be disengaged and generally bored during class. We are supposed to graduate from high school with a well rounded education, however there should be other ... ... middle of paper ... it takes to make A’s like cheating on tests or plagiarizing an essay. This highlights our need to reform our idea of education. Our education system needs to lessen their stress on good grades and encourage students to focus on learning the material and broadening our skills, which is what education is actually suppose to be about. People are constantly changing with each generation to come, as should our education system. The education system needs to be modified to fit the needs of this generation. In conclusion, the education system needs to incorporate a wider range of courses while also teaching useful material for the future. The system needs to accommodate all kinds of learners and take into account the schedule of classes and their effect on students. Finally, the education system needs to reinstate the importance of learning over grades and test scores.
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