Graduation Speech : High School

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Good afternoon Mr. Cataldo, I am an alumna of the high school you are currently working in. The reason I am contacting you today is for the reason that, as an undergraduate at the University of California, Davis, I wanted to provide you with some feedback on the approach teachers may want to consider in taking to help improve students in writing. I am interested in helping you and other high school teachers identify new strategies in teaching to help out high school students benefit from a high school English course and be able to apply their knowledge into a college level English course. My experience in English, constructed my view on the overall subject. I used to believe that English was a fairly simple subject. Throughout the four years of high school, I was taught to follow rules, which would tell me what to do and what not to. I may say, this was what made writing simple. However, after years of the influence of rules when approaching writing made it difficult to approach writing in the manner that college professors expect a person to write. It was difficult to break from these rules that, as students, we were constantly told it was okay to follow for editing and revising. Editing and revising usually consisted of letting a peer look over the paper. When someone looked over the paper, they would have to look for grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation errors. As a matter of fact, I came to confuse editing with revision because I used to believe that editing was revising the paper. I also believed that it was the portion which mattered. However, I came to realize that editing is the first stage in making the writing look perfect and revising was the stage that affected the way the audience understood the writing. E... ... middle of paper ... up an assignment, I would usually edit my work by repairing misspelled words, sentences and punctuation; which I would also consider revising. Yet, I later came to realize that after having a solid draft, with repaired errors, I would enter the revising stage. The revising stage was the stage where I would change the organization of my ideas and polish up my writing. This became writing strategies that were very helpful to effectively communicate with the reader. I believe that my experiences in English courses during high school and college would be valuable information to share with you as an instructor of an English course in the English department at Santee Education Complex for the reason that you may approach teaching the English course in a different manner to help students succeed in a college level English course. Thank you for your kind consideration.
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