Graduation Speech : High School

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As a senior in college at 26, I’m not the traditional type of student. I’m labeled as a non-traditional. I have also been termed with anxiety and dyslexic. These labels put on me could have caused for a disastrous college experience. But, there has always been something in myself that pushes me to fight beyond these three labels. In elementary school I was reading letters and numbers backwards, teachers believed me dumb. The school administrators told my family that I’d need to be placed in the special needs class upon entering middle school. My family didn’t believe the idea that I didn’t want to learn and enrolled me in private school. There was a teacher who had dealt with dyslexia before and suggested for me to be tested. I have been called lazy or stupid even after that discovery. In high school I was seen as the least likely to succeed and the least likely to do well in college. After a year in college I did drop out and took two years off. My grandfather is the reason I’m back in school and enrolled in my local community college. Twenty-two found me at Sp...
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