Graduation Speech : High School

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High school is supposed to be a one more step closer to college; it’s supposed to be preparing you for the future right? Wrong. My experience in high school was very different; I never quite fit in with anyone, the “friends” that I thought that I had used me for money. Let’s just say when I was a freshman I had a friend whom I knew from grade school, her name was Meghan Lawrence and she was the kind of person who I really believed I could tell her anything and she would keep it to herself. Once again I was proven wrong, I developed a crush on a boy and she knew that I had a crush on him; one morning before class both he and she went to the corner store, she thought it would be funny to tell him all about my crush, which he tortured me with, playing with my emotions, made me feel like he might actually like me back. The only friends that I made wasn’t until my sophomore year, I never really liked going to school prep rallies, because there was no reason for me to go to them, seeing as I didn’t have any friends to talk to, in my freshman year, I tripped on the bleachers so I really didn’t see any reason to repeat that again. The whole first year, I was in ESE classes, which meant I was too slow to be in regular classes, which hurt my self-esteem, growing up, I didn’t quite understand things explained to me and in elementary school, I was in a class that had 35-40 kids with only one teacher. I tried to keep with the other kids in the class, but I never could keep up with them, so my parents pulled me out and enrolled me in a progressive school because they thought that would be a better out for me. The school was named Renaissance and at first, things were good and I understood the material that was being taught to me, after I ... ... middle of paper ... ...-port which helped me get plantlets as well blood transfusions whenever I needed one. My grandparents did a great deal of service for my parents and I, whenever my parents needed them to stay overnight with me in the hospital, they would be there no question. My family suffered alongside with me, they hated seeing me go through any kind of pain, after the seventh month, my body was so weak; I literally had to use a walker to even walk around. The problems that I had with the medi-port were so many; for one thing, there were so infections with it, I would scream bloody murder every single time they would even touch the area. I believe that going through all of I’ve had to go through has shaped into the person that I have become today, I’m a survivor and I truly believe that when you put your mind to it, you can do just about anything that you dream of or think of.
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