Graduation Speech : Elementary School

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In August 2003 the world that I have been previously become accustomed to changed forever. I no longer stayed home with my mom, where she took care of and played with me. This is when I started my educational career in kindergarten. Looking back, I did not actually do much learning. Kindergarden was more of a place that I went to for a few hours a day and got to hang out with at least twenty of my peers. As elementary school progressed, school got more difficult because we were no longer focusing on playing games and going out to recess, but rather learning to do math, write, read, and learn appropriate social behavior. Throughout elementary school me and my classmates learned at the same pace with only one teacher that taught all the core subjects to us. There was nothing individualized about a student 's education and at that age, I was fine with it. As middle school arrived everything I had previously known about school had changed. Teachers only taught one subject an hour a day and I was forced to traveled from class to class. This frightened me at first, but was also exciting. I no longer had to sit in the same room for eight hours a day with the same teacher and classmates. Now I did not just have twenty classmates, I had over a few hundred. This helped me become less shy and make at least one friend in each class. In middle school, we were not allowed to pick what classes we wanted to take and were all forced to earn the same subjects. The only subjects we were allowed to choose was between band, choir, and a facs class. I began to realize that learning at the same pace as everyone else was starting to bore me and I wanted to individualize my learning by picking classes I actually wanted to take. In middle school, I ha... ... middle of paper ... are supposed to have the same difficulty as college courses, so at the end of the year in my AP classes I could decide to take the AP exam hopefully get college credit. With that credit I could get ahead in college and not be in as much debt as I would be without credit hours from the class. As a whole I am pleased with the education I acquired so far in my educational career. The classes I have taken throughout high school have furthered my interest in the medical field. I am thankful I had the opportunity to take such rigorous courses, because I feel like I am more prepared for college than some of my other classmates that just took classes to get by. Even though I did not enjoy some of my classes, I feel as though I have had a well balanced education upon finishing high school and I can not wait to continue my education at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
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