Graduation Speech : Education And Schooling System

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Education and schooling system has been designed in the hopes to best teach our future. However, this ‘best methodology’ is frequently the center of debate. Different angles have been proposed and whether the students themselves should have a say in what they learn and how they learn it is a larger topic. This essay will argue that first, students should have a significant voice in the discussion and second, students should be able to determine their own schedules and subjects they pursue at the point where they can justify and deliver a sound argument as to why they should or want to pursue a chosen direction. Students should have influence in their education schooling due to its significance to a student’s life. The large amount of time a student spends in school for his or her first 18 years of life is greater than everything else. He or she will spend countless hours involving themselves with models; theories, testing and other school related activities about a certain subject and this has drastic influence on a student’s view on schooling. This then leads directly to their view on education and this is where serious precaution is needed. Time has shown us that forcing static education can and usually does lead to two negative consequences. The first is, students do not learn. Examples include memorizing answers, cheating, etc. The other negative consequence is that students tend to develop attitudes against education at large. Studies have shown that students interested in the content are more likely to be active in the learning process and this directly relates to more learning. Based off personal experience, the average person will argue that they would rather learn about subjects they are interested in. What we need as a... ... middle of paper ... ... to them. We can see this in effect if we look at high school and then in the college level. The highest drop out level is in high school. Students are often discouraged due to their lack of interest in the content and see education as only tests rather than learning itself. When we look at college, students typically have the largest growth in knowledge and tend to excel in the subjects they take because they have much more control in the classes they take. With being able to critical think, analyze, and make decisions as goals of education, it is only right to reward it and allow students to put it into practice. It is hypocritical to teach this and then not allow students to apply it for themselves. I propose, as a measure to the amount of influence a student has in their education is their ability to articulate reasons to why they want what they want.
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