Graduation Speech : Education And Schooling

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We curiously and creatively develop education and schooling. We have learned that without guidance we become overwhelmed in our curiosity. We created a schooling system for twelve years and secondary school to educate our curiosities. Education and schooling don’t mean to refrain our curiosity and creativity and doing so will give a lack of interested of the curriculum. The curriculum has become a systematic, methodical guide to meet with the workforce instead of democracy. Why does schooling seem to push out curiosity from educational development? Professors having an intellectual intellect with pupils could be boring. The curriculum must use creativeness to arouse curiosity from the student. I use three professors who reflect on this idea. That we are not using curiosity and creativeness in our curriculum. John Taylor Gatto a retired school teacher of 29 years in New York. His essay on, “How Public Education Cripples Our Kids, and Why”(41). Kathleen Anderson, before attending medical school, she taught for two years in elementary school. She combines her hands-on experience as a teacher with her reading in educational theory (including John Holt and John T. Gatto). Her essay: “Reflections in Education: Considering the Impact of School on the Learner”(65). Fred Cooksey a professor and who wrote the book “Quick & Dirty”(2013) “COLLEGE SURVIVAL OR, WHAT NOT TO DO IN YOUR CLASSES”(1). In conclusion that these professors all had similarity context about students’ curiosity, creativity, and boredom in our schooling system. We are born with curiosity and creativeness to figure out who and what is around us. We yearn to learn as we mature, Anderson uses Holt’s quote "We like to learn; we need to learn; we are good at it; we don 't need ... ... middle of paper ..., it communicates to potential employers, "I 'm able to complete many tasks, even when some of them are not terribly interesting to me personally" (p1). Students become better citizens when they meet certain task. Becoming more curious in their creativeness they want to do more for the society. It is to my understanding that as a student the curiosity and creativity involve education and schooling. We all need to go through the curriculum system. Some of us stay stuck in boredom, while others using their willingness to create a better future from what they had learned. Using an epitome student to show other students and teachers that it is possible to educate while in school and still have your creativity and curiosity intact. No matter how you look at it they all go hand in hand. I would say “Like pen-and-paper” once together, creativeness curiosity blooms.
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