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As a recent high school graduated listened and read those commencement speech, I have been thinking about my future how is going to be, and it was like start a new chapter of life in a clean page. The commencement speech gives a lot of advice of how future is going to happen and how hard life I have to go through. During the commencement speech class of 2014, the principal got me thinking about my future, and it was like there is either emotion of sadness nor happiness. The sadness things are I’m going to miss my high school, friends and teachers. The happiness things are I now know there is a bright future waiting for me. These speech is a lesson for us to be learn. The writer of these speech know what is going on because they had has experienced as adulthood that they warn or share for us to know about the future. Almost, all the experiences these adults are telling have the similar effect to me, and it is up to me to make the decision for the future. I have to make my own decision, and no one is going to baby sit me anymore. As an adult I have to take care of myself and life is not the same as childhood anymore. The choice that I make can be bad for my future, and I can learn from the mistake that I make there still another chance for me. No one is a perfection person make everything right and know what the future is going to happen. After listening and reading these commencement speech, my future goal is to graduate college in the next four year, and it is not going to be easy but I’ll fight for it. When I entered high school, I never thought of my future is going to be. I would never thought of graduate high school and thinking of it would be hard to achieve. The Sometimes a teacher assigned an assignment to do ... ... middle of paper ... ...nything for my future to become good at.” For example, I have to choice become either future Engineer or a Mathematics teacher. It is making me thinking for a long time, and it is end up I want to become future Mathematics teacher. I never think of this decision is a hard way to choose for future life. My future is base on the decision that I choose. I for myself want to be future Mathematics teacher. In conclusion, I think all these advices is a good things to know as we became older because it is the way how the future going now. These commencement speech is taking another step further to my future, and it shouldn 't stop here until I reach my goal. Life is not easy, but I can fight for myself. After I have been listening to all of this, it is making me think graduation of high school is just a first step in life. There still be a new journey ahead in the future.

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