Graduation Speech: Building County High School

When I first began school in this district at County Junior High in seventh grade, I had no idea that I, along with my classmates, would have the privilege of building the New High School. Of course I don't mean the physical, brick-by-brick building; I mean the building of High School's spirit, the tradition of pride and achievement that permeates every brick, every part of our school. I had no idea what impact we would have in both the academic and athletic realms.

Our group activities have fought for and won honors that can be envied by every other school. Whose football team broke another school's six year winning streak? Whose debate team is now known nationally as one of the best affiliate teams in the country? Whose band marched for President Clinton's inauguration?

Yes, it was County High School's teams that accomplished these and other noteworthy feats. But I believe it was we, the first class to spend four years at County, who played a large part in these accomplishments. We came here as eager freshmen, bringing our energy and ideas to this school. I remember all the - glitches and gremlins that plagued us, how History class was as hot as Death Valley and English class colder than Siberia. But we survived.

Sophomore year saw the graduation of County High School's first class. And last year, we said goodbye to the class of '11. Many of us had role models amongst them, yet more of us had friends. But as last year drew to a close, we realized that this year would be our year. It was our turn to lead Neda, it was our turn to shine. And shine we did, with a brilliance enriched by our four years of experience in this school. I cannot attempt to list the awards and honors earned by our class, but I can try to express the immense pride I feel when I realize that I belong to County High's class of 2012.

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