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Founded in the basement of an African Baptist Church in 1865 and named the Industrial School of Colored Youth. Later reorganized in 1883 as a normal school, teaching the elements of education to the state of Maryland’s Black citizens who were denied access to state funded schools following the abolishment of slavery. Bowie State University is enriched with history as the oldest Historically Black College or University (HBCU) in the state of Maryland. Today, it offers a comprehensive learning experience that prepares its students for leadership and life after graduating. In 2015, Bowie State University celebrates its 150th year of providing academic excellence and access to education. As a part of America’s over one hundred HBCUs, it plays an important role in the American system of higher education. For most of America’s history, Black Americans seeking a higher education could only obtain it by attending an HBCU. Bowie State University history is a part of network HBCUs providing a network of black political awareness and a legacy that encompasses a unique learning experience that no other community or college campus can provide. Culturally cultivated to enhance the Black American culture. Bowie State University not only produced teachers through its professional curriculum in teacher education, but also was advanced to a liberal arts college in 1961 offering majors in English, history and general social science. Tailored to the success of Black Americans, the university has evolved in its 150 years from a school of serving just Blacks to serving individuals from all cultures, races, and backgrounds. Bowie State University is one of the 10 oldest HBCUs in America. Over the years Bowie has played a part in the lives of so ma... ... middle of paper ... ...ow being ranked among the nation’s top universities. Bowie State University continues to strive towards excellence in producing students who are an asset to its community and to the nation. Bowie’s legacy continues to hold a important role in the part that HBCUs play in America’s history. Its history is a part of an accomplishment that has help to propel Black Americans to great feats in American history. Playing an important role in the nations economic and political development, black Americans have contributed to society by becoming inventors, publishers, authors, business owners, journalist, educators, military officials, political activist, public elected officials, the president of the United States, and so much more. Bowie’s role in making the dream of an education possible for these individuals and into the future will pass on for generations to come.

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