Graduation Speech : Becoming A Accountant Assistant

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As a junior at Elizabeth City State University, I think a lot about what want to do after college. Questioning my plans after graduation and the type of career I hope to get. My goal is to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, plus, to get an accounting job in six months. In that same year I plan on taking my boards to become a Certified Public Accountant. Some of the jobs I hope to consider is to become an Accountant Assistant, Staff Accountant, Accountant II, and a Chief accountant. The first job I hope to get is to become an accountant assistant. Their job is to maintain the general ledger, journal entries, and revenue adjustments for the end of the month process. The roles they have in the business is to assist in preparing and working on accounting policies and procedures for the General ledger. An accountant assistant has to also perform financial work like, accountant receivable and accounts payable reconciliation, and the balance sheet to correct any errors at a timely matter. They must have leadership skills and maintain developing schedules, establishing performance standards, salary reviews. Must be able to work with other managers in the department in various functions within the company. As an assistant, your roles to the company is to help and support the day-day accounting duties. Towards getting this opportunity to become an accountant assistant will help me get to where I would want to be in the future. In order to get this position I need to fully understand the general ledger and practice knowing how to do one. You must have leadership skills. Which is working with others to help get the job done. You may be the person who does not mind training someone who needs it or being that person they know ca... ... middle of paper ... ...d among other things. Helps provide assistants to all of the County Departments in matters of concerning finance and accounting. A chief accountant supervises and evaluates the staffs. They deal with the assigning work to the staff and analyzing their performance. You have to have at least 5 years’ experience in doing this type of work or education. Must have plenty experience in preparing GAAP financial statements and some type of knowledge of GASB standards/governmental accounting. You also must have a master’s degree in Accounting, Business, Finance, and Public Administration, or in a related field, and must be a license CPA. Throughout the experience I will receive through my prior jobs could actually benefit me into getting this Chief Executive position. Knowing that I have to have a master’s degree motivates me to get it after I receive my bachelor’s degree.

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