Graduation Speech : A College Program At Georgia Southern University And It Means The World

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Fye has a lot to offer to me as a freshman at Georgia Southern university and it means the world to me that my school cares about the success of its students. The mandatory one time meetings at the start of each semester are especially important as the conversations with professors showed me what to expect for the rest of freshman year. The mere thought of these classes in genius as it helped me and my peers prepare for the academic year in an orderly fashion. Without these classes I feel that I would have had no idea what to expect when college started. From what I got out of these classes fye has a lot to say to the incoming freshman class of 2019 both good and bad without sugarcoating anything which I personally prefer. Fye has a lot to offer to me in the form of academic assistance for my major and its required courses. This is a major help because without this helpful website I would have signed up for courses that didn’t correspond to my major. That brings me to Academics 101 which especially helpful as it gave me a guide of all the majors I could take and their required courses. The Fye website did a great job at giving me clear directions to signing up for classes and the things that were expected from their offered majors. It’s amazing that such a site exists to me as most colleges expect freshman to already know the things that are provided on the fye website. Additionally the fye program really teaches freshman students how to assimilate into the college lifestyle in which nobody is holding your hand like in high school. I appreciate that Georgia Southern takes on this role through the fye courses and website to help freshman maintain good grades and a positive moral standing which can’t be said about all universities ... ... middle of paper ... ...rthermore I want to expand upon those ideas with my fellow classmates and get people who don’t even take the course more inclined with using technology in college to your advantage. I wish to also contribute to my fye class by voicing my opinions about topics covered in class. Maybe some topics covered are controversial so I’ll do my best to respond to these topics by voicing my own opinion and receiving feedback to either assert or deny my notions. Another thing I wish to contribute to this class is doing team building exercises like the challenge courses that we will be participating in at the RAC. I want to get everyone involved and get my classmates to work together towards common goals. Finally I want to contribute to this class by showing my classmates and my professor new and exciting technologies and how they are or aren’t effective in aiding them in college.

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