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(Love you mom and dad in Romanian) A lot of people here today probably didn't understand what I just said because I am Romanian, but if you take a look at my parents face they know I love them. I am Romanian and my parents came to the U.S. and could have chosen any state but they chose Washington. For all the people who don't appreciate Washington as much as me let me lay down some vibes. After I went to Arizona and California and some other states I came to realize that everything here is so much greener. Washington has the best-tasting tap water and yes, there is a difference in taste of water. Did you know Washington has an awesome kelp forest? People from all around the world come here to dive in our ocean to see our kelp forest. If you want some investment tips invest in kelp cause there is going to be a big boom in that industry. The city of Seattle is one of the greatest. It is so artsy and everyone here is so nice. I just felt I should point out that we have one of the greatest states in the United States. The beauty of doing a graduation speech is you get to say what ever you want. I thought that was going to be easy but, as I look back through the four years of high school the only time I wrote something was when I was assigned it. So you would think such a young thriving mind would take advantage of this and spill his guts out. So I typed and typed and well, I kept getting nowhere. I watched other commencement speakers from the HBN archive talk about our future and realized that they had some pretty fancy words of advice. Now I know I cannot give you advice on the future because I don't have the experience. What I will give you people here today is some grade "A" knowledge about a place that you guys might not of ev... ... middle of paper ... ...iday album. That's the beauty of The Simpsons, it doesn't matter how dumb you are everyone has their place in the city. They keep true to them selves and eventually there moment of fame will come. Everyone, know your Simpsons! Now I want to get out of here as much as all you people, it just seems as though the last day will never end. So I just want to say respect each other and never give up on any of your dreams because you get one life and you might as well make it a fun one. So as we leave I want you all to know that I have the best wishes for all of you and if any of you see my comic book, Stickmen Revolution, for sale go ahead and help me out a bit. I leave you with a joke, (Romanian Joke) I know some of you might have had a hard time understanding that but if you take a look at my parents' faces that was, that was a really funny joke. For The Revolution!

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