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When I was younger, I would often return home to a familiar question: So, what did you learn today? My answer would always be "nothing" or "stuff." As I look back, I never lied, yet, I never told the whole truth. Many people think that you don't know anything with only 18 years of experience; I think they're wrong. I've learned a lot about myself and others from the relationships I have built throughout the years. I believe my most important lessons were "people" lessons. Those are the ones which could never be taught out of a book or in a lecture; you have to go out and experience them for yourself.

I have learned that you'll never know the answer if you don't ask the question. People like you for who your are, even if you wear watermelons on your head at homecoming, tight black leather pants for a fashion show, or get decked out in your parent's old polyester clothes for Disco Day. Everything is a give and take situation and we can never give enough. If you want to be heard, first you must listen. We are all different, yet very much the same.

Everything I have just said can be ...

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