Graduation Speech

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We all have had many stones read to us, and even read many ourselves. In elementary school they were stories of Lad, Jane and Spot. Each of us beamed with pride as we stumbled over that first line of "See Lad go," or "Run Jane run." Then, in junior high we learned about plot and theme, and the characters of the stories actually developed personalities. Now, as graduating seniors, many of us have learned that stories can teach us valuable lessons about life. Even the simple stories from elementary school contain lessons that we can relate to our own experiences. One story in particular that just happens to be from my favorite producer, Disney, and emphasizes the importance of friendship is "The Fox and The Hound." As this story demonstrates, the people that we have encountered throughout our lives, as well as our experiences, help us to grow and develop as individuals. I think we all can learn from the example of Tod and Copper: Now, some people will tell you that a fox and a hound could never get along. But Tod and Copper didn't know that. "You're my very best friend." "And yo...

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