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Good evening and welcome to the commencement ceremonies of the class of 2006. It has been a long journey, somewhere around 18 years, but we've finally reached the piece de resistance of our high school years. I'm not very good at this sentimental thing, so I scratched up a little poem. Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you, "Ode to the Class of '06." ODE TO THE CLASS OF 2012 'Twas the night of graduation, and under the steeple there were very, very emotional people. Thoughts of the future, thoughts of the past, memories which will always last. It all started when we walked through the door, How many years ago? -- -- "Oh it was four!" Freshman year we started as prepubescent teens, with backwards caps and saggy jeans. We went through the teachers, one-by-one Until we got the reputation of "being too much fun." Religion for example, is a class where we behaved badly, Mr. Blanchett's good byes were given quite gladly. And so sophomore year came, like the soft summer wind, and the memories of how badly we sinned, faded away like an old pair of jeans. In fact we were maturing, maturing as teens. A new student joined us, who thought he was a preacher, Oh, wait, I'm sorry, he was a teacher. His name was Thinen. Junior year arrived, and hence came harder classes, but on a good note, gone were the smart-asses. We matured, and conquered, and came out of our shell. And shed the title, "Class from Hell." Having a blast and emerging as leaders, We met once again at 2617 Cedar. As part of the upper-class, we acted superb, partly because we weren't smoking any type of herb. And when it was over, it started again, the year in which we became all fr... ... middle of paper ... ...ds of Jim Carrey, "Spooky." But, as scary as it is, we can feel confident knowing that what we do with the rest of our lives is up to us. Mom and Dad can only hold on to our hands for so long, and then it is time to set sail on the ocean of life. Tonight is the beginning of the rest of our lives. God, the great casino dealer in the sky, has already shuffled the deck and dealt us his cards. What we do with those cards, our talents, is entirely up to us. Will it happen? Will it TO happen, and the possibilities are endless. The challenge from this night onward is to play our hand right, and not go broke. As we revel in our accomplishments chuckle over the memories of good times and sniffle over the memories of the bad ones, just remember, the world is our oyster. We must seize the pearl. As salutatorian, I salute you. Thank you, and have a splendid evening!

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