Grade 7 French Class At Regent Christian Academy

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For the purpose of this assignment I found myself in a grade 7 french class at Regent Christian Academy. This semester I am without a practicum placement however, I managed to get connected with a teacher at Regent where I had the privilege to sit in on two separate french classes. This was a unique circumstance because at Regent, the middle years rotate from classroom to classroom in correspondence to their class. Although I went on one day, I was able to observe two separate classes conducting the same lesson. I found this very beneficial because I was able to monitor the students reactions to the lesson as well as monitor the changes the teacher made after the first class in preparation for the second. Instructing the same lesson provided the opportunity for improvement and insight as to what worked and what was unsuccessful. The teacher did an excellent job in planning the lesson playing to the energy of her class. She began with an engaging activity which led to a review exercise and repeated this sequence once more before leaving individual work time at the end of class. Despite the set up, close attention was still necessary to read the behaviour and body language of the students to ensure the most appropriate time for transition switching activities before they become boring. The lesson ensured to motivate students and engage them not just mentally but physically as well to avoid them tuning out instruction and encouraging participation. To my surprise not a lot of verbal communication, actually no verbal communication was present in communicating behaviour expectations during the beginning of class. Furthermore, after looking around the classroom, no rules had been posted which led me to believe that they had been ... ... middle of paper ... ...ame for both classes. I was able to witness first hand the effect that the culture of the class has on the lesson being taught. Factors such as student skill level, motivation, engagement, and attitude are all contributing factors to the success of a lesson and the ability of the teacher to connect with their students in a positive way. Classes are not synonymous to one another and should be prepped and managed accordingly. This can be further broken down to intervening with students, each student will respond a certain way and the best way to prepare for that is to interact with each student at a personal level. Get to know your students because there is no one way that will work best to manage all students in your class. But instead it’s a combination of what works best that provides the best results for a positive classroom where learning for all can take place.

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