Gracie Gold: A Brief Biography

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478 words

Childhood: We start off when she was little. Gracie was born on August 17, 1995, in Newton Massachusetts. Her parents started her career when she was only 2. According to Gracie Gold Biography, they moved to Springfield, Missouri when she was only 5. After they moved, she refused to skate for the next several years. But in second grade, she was invited to a friend’s birthday party, at a local skating rink. "While I circled around and around in my brown rental skates, I studied a group of skaters spinning in the center," Gracie told the interviewer. She was fascinated! When her mom picked her up, she began to campaign for skating lessons. Her parents finally gave in and enrolled her skating lessons. They also helped her to become an all around athlete by enrolling her in other sports such as, swimming, gymnastics, and tennis. Her twin sister, Carly is also a competitive figure skater. Their parents soon moved to Chicago so that both Gracie and Carly could take lessons from a famous trainer, Alexander Ouriashev. Before Gracie could go into the Olympics, she needed to win a few competitions. According to Team USA Website, in the year 2010, Gracie had entered in the U.S. Championships. …show more content…

According to Gracie Gold’s website, she competed in the Winter Olympics. She took bronze for the U.S. team, and fourth in the ladies competition. Gracie is mostly known for her incredible freestyle performance during the Olympics. She hopes to take part in the 2018 Olympics in South Korea. Everyday she goes to the gym to work out, then that is followed by hours of skating practice. Over 20 hours a week Gracie spends on the ice, practicing, and perfecting spins, and leaps. In her spare time, she goes to the gym, or even her hot yoga lessons. She always has to stay active. When she’s not on the ice, or in the gym, you can find her at the mall or with her family. She’s like a typical teenager when she’s not on the

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how gracie's parents moved to springfield, missouri when she was just 5 years old. they enrolled her in skating lessons and helped her become an all-around athlete.
  • Explains that gracie needed to win a few competitions before she could go into the olympics.
  • Explains that 2014 was the best year for gracie gold. she competed in the winter olympics, took bronze for the u.s. team, and was fourth in ladies competition.
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