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It is pretty clear to most Americans by now that information we receive from the government is the information that they want us to have. Too many times we are misled or distracted from what is actually taking place by rumors that are created by our own elected leaders. It is to easy to start a little story that breeds and forms into a giant mess. We try to make sense but, our government has a different agenda. It seems unlikely that a nation would not be able to handle or understand the truth. A rumor is usually started as a question then is interpreted as a factual statement. The process takes off into a downward spiral out of control. It is blown so far out of proportion it becomes difficult to go back as if nothing was ever said. It is human nature to love gossip, and a rumor is most often nothing more than just gossip. Breeding thoughts that are building up and just waiting to reek havoc. Unfortunately for most, it is hard to tell the truth form the gossip. This leads us to ask the important questions about some of the rumors involving our United States government. Was the South Asia Tsunami in 2004 caused by a U.S. nuclear bomb? Was this just a way to divert our attention from things happening elsewhere in the world? This suggestion is a hard pill to swallow. Could our very own government do something so horrific and cover it up as a natural disaster? I am compelled to think that it is impossible for something disguised as a natural disaster could even happen. Then again, that is the idea. Starting a string of rumors to distract us from what is really taking place. These accusations are that of Joe Vialls, Dick Eastman and others who have posted their ideas about world events in “The Rumor Mill News Agen... ... middle of paper ... ...carrying 2,000 marines and not its usual 500 when it went into the Indian Ocean. Our marines are usually expected to be on the front line of defense for the U.S., not an aid in a natural disaster. Some other examples of such instances with our Navy ships cannot be just chance. Would these things really have happened if the Untied States had no involvement? What can we really believe? There is a lot of proposed evidence that this theory could be true, but is it? I am reminded of examples in my own life where a simple question or statement becomes a mass of theories. People creating their own gossip askew from what actually happened. Without people and the media raising questions that begin such rumors, we may never know the real truth involving global events. Works Cited Joe Vialls: Tsunami Result of U.S. nuclear bomb? newslog-at-cyber journal.org10 Jan. 2005
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