Government Should Pay For Higher Education

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The average income for someone with a college degree is $ 97,563. Higher education mostly leads to more understanding of what what is going on in the world. The cost of college has been rising dramatically in recent years by climbing 27 percent. The government not paying for higher education is just for them to save money. It is important for people to be educated both to to learn a job and to better themselves. Higher education is a special interest group that has hooked on government. The government should pay for higher education for people. With the government paying for college it will help some people out. The poverty in the world could decreased because some people would’ve went to college. By going to college it helps people get careers that lead to money for house. Government should pay for higher education. More and more students have been taking on debt to help finance their education. There is no link between education and economic growth. When gaining power between college graduates and non-graduates doesn’t matter. Every career shouldn’t require a college degree because it leads to more dropouts. If all 18-24 year olds were in college, we would reduce the unemployment by 2 million people. Louisiana has TOPS which pays for students to go to college. The requirements are you need at least a 20 on the ACT and a 2.5 GPA in your senior year. After that you get a free ride in college. Recently, Gov. John Bel Edwards remove TOPS for a small amount of time. They recently said that TOPS will not be fully funded by next year. Higher education helps more people gets better jobs and higher positions in life. If the government pays for people to go to school after high school more jobs can be developed make the the government mo... ... middle of paper ... ...American ideals of progress and equality. A highly educated workforce has become essential component of economic growth and competitiveness in America. Education is the only way to be able to improve technology and make the world a better place. “By the end of this decade, two out of three job employers will require a college education,” president Barack Obama said. Doesn’t that mean more people need to get in college. Some people can’t afford college tuitions. Help the ones that make the good grades get into college. When you pay for them to go to college it 's all on them by what they do with their time in college. Conduct interviews to see who 's really a great fit for going to college. Most of the people that can’t go to college could be a big conductor of valuable things the world may need. These are the reasons the government should pay for higher education.
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