Government Responsibilities

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Government Responsibilities

As citizens of the United States, and as people living under a democracy, the government has certain responsibilities to us. We are guaranteed union, justice, tranquility, defense, welfare, and liberty. These rights are all very important to the well being of our country and the states that exist in it. I feel that there are three that are a little more important than the others.

Justice is a vital part of governmental systems. Justice is a way to control the activities of citizens without infringing on their rights. Without justice, the acts of the citizens living under a government could not be very well controlled. There would be no punishments for bad behavior with would make this type of behavior more common. Even though justice acts as a way to loosely control the acts of citizens, it doesn't affect their liberty. Liberty is freedom. No one would want to live under a government under which they have no freedom and are controlled. Defense is also very important in a government. The protection of the people should be in high priority of the government. The government is there to serve the people and make life better for everyone. If they don't protect the people then there is no point in the government.

Union is important as well. I don't feel that it is as important though because if all the other aspects of government are effective then there should be no problem keeping a body under the government together. Tranquility ties in with defense. As long as the defense is strong in a country they should not have a problem keeping it tranquil. I also feel that it would be unrealistic to try and keep a body of people tranquil at all times. To even attempt this, other aspects such as justice must be intact. Welfare too is an integral part of a successful government and guaranteed to the people. However I feel that if we didn't give our money up to the government in taxes then there would be no reason for them to have to give it back to us.
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