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The Democratic Party is a system of the government that believes deeply in the equality, rights and privileges of the people. During a recent poll in Iowa many individuals from both parties were asked their opinion on medical marijuana. Of the Democrats polled, 74% supported the idea of legalizing marijuana for medical use only (Tony). Democrats having a strong belief in the rights and privileges of humans, think that in Iowa, it is time to make medical marijuana legal. As of right now, people are given stronger narcotic drugs as a substitute, which are worse for the body (Globe). As of now medical marijuana is not legal in Iowa. This denies people the use of the drug leading them to be prescribed narcotic drugs that are far worse for the human body than marijuana. Narcotic drugs are prescription only pain killers which originated from opiates, which are natural elements from an opium poppy plant. Narcotics are used to reduce pain by simply blocking signals going from the brain to the central nervous system. Some examples of narcotic drugs would be drugs such as codeine, morphine...
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