Government Regulation of Illegal Logging and Deforestation

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“The world’s rainforests could completely vanish in a hundred years at the current rate of deforestation.” Says National Geographic. The world’s forests play and important role in providing everyday necessary benefits such as food, water, shelter, clothing, traditional medicine, and most importantly, they maintain an equilibrium in the world’s environment, which if drastically altered, can negatively affect its surroundings. The two main causes that contribute to the deterioration and or extinction of the world’s forests are deforestation and illegal logging. Deforestation is the eradication of vast forests without replacing the lost trees by simultaneously planting new ones. Not all deforestation is intentional. Deforestation can be caused by natural wildfires or overgrazing. Intentional deforestation may be attributed to illegal logging. These individuals who contribute to illegal logging, intentionally harvest trees in a number that is more than necessary. They harvest trees in areas where there are protected species, and in areas where logging is prohibited. Illegal logging companies take business away from companies that follow the law and participate in fair logging with set limitations and regulations. And in order to keep track of and limit the immense number of forests being cut down every year, the government must take action. The government should monitor illegal logging and deforestation of forests which in turn negatively affects out already fragile environment by initiating soil erosion; a loss of species; community disturbances; and carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

As was previously stated, soil erosion is a main contributor to the deterioration of forests caused by deforestation and illegal logging. The r...

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