Government Induced Programs Crippling the Current US Educational System

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Introduction Imagine living as a dependent in a world of giants, where they can justify doing with you whatever they feel like to best serve their own needs and purposes. They could just pick you up like a cue stick and use you to play a lively, vicious game of business billiard in the hopes to gain the upper hand among their competitors, with the outcome determining the successes throughout their next political and monetary investments, and how you would feel about it. Those dependents are our children, small and vulnerable especially compared to adults, yet they have the fewest human rights and laws dedicated to protecting them from being used as scapegoats, especially when it comes to one area preparing them for a life in our challenging modern society – their education. What complicates matters even further, is the outdated philosophy behind the current U.S. educational system that still originates in the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century. These models are not just archaic, they are crippling our children in becoming self-confident, motivated, and divergent thinking individuals that have found their unique personal strength and can define their challenges still to overcome. They are counterproductive in achieving optimal scholastic success in children, filling them with fear and anxiety instead, simultaneously jeopardizing proper brain development. Moreover, those standards release dehumanized individuals into society unequipped to function within the whirlwinds of current technological advanced times, while allowing politicians and business people to use children as a playground for their competitive business games, deprofessionalizing school faculty in the process. History of the U.S. School System One of t... ... middle of paper ... ...ychology. (Vol. 8, pp. 242-243). Bedford, St. Martin's: Worth Publisher. Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development. (2013). Pisa 2012 results. Retrieved from Runco, M. A. (2009). Divergent thinking. In B. Kerr (Ed.), Encyclopedia of giftedness, creativity and talent (Vol. 1, pp. 252-253). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publication. Ravitch, D. (2010). The death and fife of the great American school system: How testing and choice are undermining education. New York, NY: Basic Books. Rossier Staff. (2011, February 8). U.S. education spending and performance vs. the world. Retrieved from Sir Robinson, K. (Performer). (2010, October ). Changing paradigms [Web Video]. Retrieved from

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