Government Firearm Regulation or Constitution Infringement

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Government Firearm Regulation or Constitution Infringement? Should the United States government be allowed to regulate the possession and ownership of firearms among its citizens? One must consider many things before simply jumping to a conclusion on the matter, things such as: background on the amendment, the amendment itself, constitutional regulation, constitutional law prohibiting or allowing the regulation of the amendment, reasons for gun regulation and banning, historical trials, and reasons for gun ownership. It is hard to understand how one can assure an effective democratic government and rights for the respective individuals of that particular government, should the people not be able to protect themselves from the potentially oppressive reign of the government. It is important to note that The Constitution of the United States of America was established in order to create the most perfect union possible, and to regulate said union in the least prohibiting manner allowable for the security of a free state, and along with it, a free people. Therefore, the founding fathers of our great nation created along with it, the first 10, and arguably most important amendments, in order of which they deemed most valuable to not only the country, but the people. These amendments were not conceived by these men nor by the founding of our country, but to these men, these amendments were the basic rights guaranteed, not by man, but by God, to each and every man (Gun Control 4). The constitution merely compiled these rights into written, and legal, form, and the fact that one might argue that they believe these rights can become obsolete is disturbing (Gun Control 3). The amendment which was deemed of highest value to the public? Th... ... middle of paper ... ...rt-kids-gun-deaths-new-gun-deaths-new-gun-laws. 27 March 2012. Web. 22 April 2014. “Gun Control.” New York City, New York. David L. Bender, 1992. Print. “Gun Control Overview.” Congressional Digest 92.3 (2013) : 3-7. Academic Search Elite. Web. 16 April 2014. Hunter, Melanie. ‘NRA: “Only Thing That Stops A Bad Guy With A Gun Is A Good Guy With A Gun.’ ” 21 Dec 2012. Web. 20 April 2014. Lampo, David. “Gun Control: Myths and Realities.” 13 May, 2000. Web. 22 April 2014. Jefferson, Thomas. “Second Amendment” Web. 22 April 2013 Sanburn, Josh. “America’s Gun Economy, By The Numbers.” 18 December 2012. Web. 17 April 2014
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