Government Control In George Orwell's Novel 1984 By George Orwell

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The opening of George Orwell’s novel 1984 is one that foreshadows the entire reading when the poster with big brother is mentioned. Throughout the entire book Winston, the main character, is a constant reminder of how much control the government has over the people and possibly what could happen to the world in the future. Orwell uses the life of a man and a woman who are in love to show people how dehumanizing the future really can be if someone like big brother where to come about. Not only does big brother tell them what to wear but what to think and exactly how to feel. The life of Winston as a child which is as normal as a life today turns into tragedy because of government control. Is Orwell really just telling a story of a man struggling…show more content…
Not only was Winston trying to avoid the telescreens the entire novel but he was also trying to avoid getting in trouble for thought crime. Orwell explains how the thought police could get Winston and make him disappear just for having a negative thought about big brother; he also reveals that a thought crime could go unnoticed for years until the night of one’s disappearance but that eventually the day will come (19). The government in Oceania had so much control over the people that they were able to “listen” to the peoples thoughts. On top of the control the government has with the telescreen, Orwell went a step further and used thought crime to really show how much control a government could truly get if it was taken over by someone like big brother. The totalitarian state in Oceania is not something that can never happen in today’s world which is why throughout the book Orwell has scenes of the world before a totalitarian government which include free thought and happiness. The flash back scenes bring relief to the gloomy state Winston is in. Orwell uses the flashbacks to show the reader that at any given time the government can do anything they want with the power that they have over the citizens and that regardless of the constitution, freedom of anything including thought could mean death. Orwell describes the ways Winston tries to avoid thought crime throughout the novel but…show more content…
Winston takes a huge risk by falling in love knowing it’s a risk. Love is no longer existent and a relationship doesn’t happen because it’s “meant to be” it happens so that Big brothers has more people to brainwash to capture those who aren’t. In Oceania people are forced together just to fulfill duties such as reproducing but are forbid enjoy it (67). Winston and Julia took the risk of falling in love and showed the read yet once again how even love can be a crime that leads to the torture chamber. By having the government control something as fragile as feelings, Orwell shows that big brother is no joke. Many people even in today’s world have caught the government doing things they shouldn’t when it comes to invading someone’s privacy. Orwell uses plenty examples to show us readers that things like this aren’t impossible. Simply brainwashing a child to blame every adult they see isn’t something that doesn’t already happen today meaning that the telescreen, thought police and big brother don’t fall far from the government we have today. Hacking phones, brain washing humans and keeping track of everything taped or typed on the internet can easily be turned into telescreens and thought
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