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About one child per classroom has a critical chance of losing their home because their parents cannot afford to pay off their mortgage (Neighbor Works). Three months pass easily, but an alarming and sad fact that is that about 250,000 families have their home foreclosed during this time period (Neighbor Works). About six out of every ten individuals who own a home do not understand the conditions in their mortgage (Neighbor Works). These are just a few of the multitude of unfortunate truths that are circulating in our current society. How can we solve this problem? Well, there are numerous ways, each one from a different perspective, but my idea is to provide government assistance.

What exactly is government assistance? I feel that in this difficult economy the government should provide some type of aid, whether it be some type of loan or private/personal assistance; something must be done. My plan is one that would require patience because this crisis is not something that can be changed overnight. Any plan to help foreclosure would have to be based on a gradual change. First off, the government should look into everybody’s mortgage payments. Then after seeing which citizens are paying off their mortgage they should divide them into three categories. They would include: individuals who seem to pay everything on time, those who sway at times, and those who are in definite need of assistance. The government should treat each category as a separate issue in order to meet the basic needs of all the individuals involved.

The first group (those who pay everything on time) does not really need any government help. In order to make a large scale change, the government should still intervene. I think that they should deliver ...

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... third category fall into this subcategory. Even so, some people who do fall into that category might not want to take out a loan. What do we do with the other half and those who do not want loans? The option that they have is to get a monthly plan from their mortgage company and pay off their payments at a much lower rate than before. Or they can get somebody to sign off a loan.

This plan is one that requires citizens to work alongside the government. Neither the government nor its citizens can try and solve this problem on their own. In order to succeed the government and its people need to work as one; otherwise each side will fail miserably. Together we can overcome this foreclosure problem. We can stop people from losing their homes. I will not deny that this requires time and money, but efforts can go a long way.
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