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1. What is filibuster and why is it regarded as an obstacle to legislation? A filibuster procedure that allows a senator to speak against a bill for as long as he or she can stand and talk. It can become a formidable obstacle or threat against controversial bills near the end of a legislative session. (Gibson, Robinson pg.243) Some of the reasons why the filibuster is regarded an obstacle to legislation starts off with the two-thirds rule which basically requires the approval of at least two-thirds of senators before a bill can be debated on the Senate floor. This type of rule allows minority of senators to block controversial legislation. This rule also gives the senators the opportunity to vote on both sides of an issue. (Gibson, Robinson pg. 243 para 2) A filibuster can become a potent and ever-present threat against controversial legislation near the end of a session. An example of this is when a lieutenant governor may refuse to recognize the sponsor of a controversial bill because of the fear of a filibuster will delay the process for the legislative proposals. Something really interesting about filibuster that happened in the past is when State Senator Bill Meir of Euless was able to speak for forty-three hours in 1977 against a bill with the public reporting of on the job accidents. By doing this he was able to capture the world’s record for the longest filibuster, which he held for years. (Gibson, Robinson, pg. 243, para 5.) In my own aspect of the view of filibustering, I think its abusive power is a threat to legislation because it can become even deadlier when senators decide to use a tag team approach taking turns against a bill. (Gibson, Robinson, pg. 243 para 5) Another great example is recently Texas State Senator ... ... middle of paper ... ...n us that filibusters can be effective if you put up a great organized plan. As for Wendy Davis’s filibuster, I believe that it achieved a lot because not only was she able to gain national attention, but she was able to get support from the Democrats in the US Senate, 31 of them whom had signed a letter thanking her for the courage and determination for defeating a bill that would limit women’s rights in Texas. (Walker para 6) Whenever an issue on abortion happens again that’s if it happens again, the women and people from Texas who cared about such bill will remember Wendy Davis’s effort in her 13 hour long filibuster to stop a bill that would have restrictions on abortion and independent choices that these women could have. Davis even stated herself that even if the bill would eventually pass her filibuster still would raise awareness on the issue. (Welsh para 5)

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  • Analyzes how a filibuster procedure can be regarded as an obstacle to legislation.
  • Describes the reasons why senator wendy davis chose to filibuster sb5 instead of voting against it.
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