Gothic Elements in Frankenstein

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Frankenstein is a well know gothic story that is still popular today and will be for decades to come. “Mary Shelly’s 1818 novel Frankenstein has inspired an almost uncountable number of film adaptations, many of which have in turn spawned their own sequels, series, spin-offs, mega-franchises, and finally par- odies” (Miller). If you have not heard of Frankenstein you need to read or watch the movie. The man made monster that is lonely in a world that thinks he’s weird and evil. He gets created in an old haunted house looking castle with a crazy scientist while it’s lighting and storming outside. It’s one of the most famous gothic stories and inspired directors to make several movies over it. The movies are not like the novel but have the same gothic feel to it. They are changed in some ways but sticks to the book for the most part. “Like many movie versions of novels, Frankenstein featuring the actor Boris Karloff altered the story” (Hermansson). The movies that were made shows that this story is a big deal. When novels are turned into movies they are true classics. By looking at the main gothic elements and breaking them apart it will show that this is truly a gothic story. For example theme and setting are very important elements for this story. There is something most readers do not think about but the character Frankenstein, is very isolated and lonely in the story. Going over his isolation is important to see what the lonely monster had to go through. Addition is another topic to look at and discuss because it shows what additions the monster has. The character of Frankenstein was creative and interesting to many people and by seeing why the author explain why she came up with Frankenstein. Gothic elements are very important...

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