Gospel Of Matthew Book Essay

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Book: The Gospel of Matthew
The Gospel of Matthew was the first volume of the New Testament, edited and compiled approximately between 70 and 110 Anno Domini. The literary genre is in the name (Gospel). It is one of the four gospels found in the Bible. The main personalities are; Jesus, Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist, the 12 disciples, the Jewish religious leaders, Caiaphas, Pilate, and Mary Magdalene. Although the author is unknown, evidence points to Matthew of being the author of this book. The Gospel of Matthew cited the Gospel of Mark, paraphrasing and complementing the plot written by Mark. While Mark described Jesus ' biography, Matthew was busy describing links between the life of Jesus Christ and the Old Testament. The Gospel of
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Matthew - Saints & Angels,” 2016). At the same time, dates of birth and death of Matthew are unknown. Though the title of the Gospel of Matthew implied authorship of Matthew, the author is anonymous. “According to Matthew” description emerged one hundred years later, first mentioned by Apostolic Father Papias of Hierapolis. The point is the author was likely to be of Jewish origin, but he wrote his book in Ancient Greek. The Gospel of Matthew was likely to be composed in Hebrew and then translated into Ancient Greek. Hebrew version of the gospel did not survive, and the Greek translations could contain errors and misinterpretations. One of the gospels, Q gospel, written by Matthew could be rather a collection of the Jesus ' sayings, logia. Disciple Matthew had been a taxman before becoming the Disciple of Jesus (“St. Matthew Biography,” 2016). Matthew was also referred to as Levi. Matthew once invited Jesus to have a dinner at his place. After the Ascension of Jesus, Matthew worked in the upper room, Cenacle. Afterward, Matthew preached the Gospel among Judean locals. Matthew passed away as martyr in Ethiopia, spreading the word about God, having previously visited Parthia, Persia, Media and Syria (“Apostle and Evangelist Matthew,”
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