Gordon Wood's Revolutionary Characters

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The American fight for freedom is a critical part of the American history. Following the foundation of a nation, the individuals who enabled the fight for freedom and were central in the fight called the founding fathers. In the book ‘Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different’, the author provides a vivid investigation of the founding fathers. The book offers a unique point of view that looks on to the founding fathers’ live in detail. The book offers knowledge that extends beyond what is availed into the history books into an analysis of character to present their individual values as a system in which they founded guiding principles for the country. The paper offer an analysis of ‘Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different’. Gordon Wood brings to light the ethical principles of the founding fathers to bring to light the basis of moral statures propagated and applied in the democratic system today despite the difference in time. The book, …show more content…

In the essay on George Washington, Wood is keen to establish his connection with the movement that propagated Enlightenment. Evidently, the progressive principles were the backbone of his beliefs despite not being an actual scholar himself. In addition to this, he was a man whose disposition and individu.al character was that of an honorable person which made him an excellent candidate to become the president of the new nation. According to Wood, not only did George Washington justify and establish a new office but also he established a new nation propagating a belief of self-governance that was otherwise thought to be impossible (p. 48). His beliefs, according to Wood, established him as an unparalleled man who believed that all man had the capacity of greatness particularly in

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the ‘revolutionary characters: what made the founders different’ advances the theme of social equality.
  • Analyzes how wood's book, revolutionary characters: what made the founders different, explores the evolution of the nation to the epitome of democratic practice.
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