Google's Vision for the Future of Work

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The contemporary workplace has shifted. Manufacturing is being outsourced while information and service industries are on the rise. This shift in the job market is reflected in how work environments are set up and operate. The global economy never sleeps, and therefor business never sleeps. The eight hour workday is fading into the past as technology makes it almost impossible to get away from work. Demands of business and work make it hard to find a work-life balance. Employees are no longer expected to work their whole careers at one job. Instead, they go to where the best fit is. Google integrates everyday life and leisure into their work environment to accommodate these issues making their employees happy, healthier, and more productive.

Google takes the contemporary workplace to a whole new level. In the past a good majority of its employees telecommuted, now Google prefers its employees to stay as close to work as possible. Everything an employee might need for their day is in the Googleplex. It has a laundry service as well as all the amenities. Employees have access to free electric and hybrid cars to run any errands they might have throughout the day. There are Espresso machines and food everywhere so Google employees never have to go far for a snack. There are multiple kitchens which each serve gourmet style food from different cultures that is both healthy and delicious. There are multiple gyms so employees can exercise during the workday, and even a masseuse in the Googleplex for relieving some stress.

Business and technology are advancing quickly; this brings constant and inevitable changes. One major way companies are evolving to accommodate these changes is by being diverse as possible. Google understands t...

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...requested a lower level sales position. She was denied that position and someone who she had initially trained who had no Internet sales experience got the position over her. The lawsuit alleges Armstrong called Elwell into his office where he told her she was an “HR nightmare”. He continued in expressing his concern that she was discussing her situation with her coworkers. A day after the meeting Armstrong called Elwell and fired her. Following her termination she was contacted by HR who explained she was terminated improperly and was offered the operations position she initially turned down. By June Elwell lost the third child of the unborn quadruplets. After returning to work in July doctors ordered her remain out of work due to the stress associated with Google and Armstrong. She took disability leave and gave birth to the remaining child of the quadruplets.

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