Google's Case Study: Google Is A Good Work Place

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Regardless of what ventures, it is important to have a job. Periods of rest are therapeutic only if one was previously engaged in something constructive. The pay of a job matters little, but any job saves one from the pains of boredom and idleness. Once one has a job, satisfaction may come from the compensation or the job itself but the bottom line is that being useful brings about a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. What is more satisfying is getting a job in the area of your interest. In such a situation, the job becomes less stressful regardless of the pay or the work load. One also becomes more productive when working in the area of one’s interest. In such a setting, advances and inventions become frequent. Google is a good work place and provides numerous work opportunities for people in diverse fields. Google has invested in several areas including advertisements, operating systems, sales, search, and hardware products. A significant proportion of Google’s income comes from making online advertisement. The company was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were PhD at Stanford University. The two founders together own almost 16% of the company’s shares. It was primarily incorporated as a private company in the year 1998 before the IPO in the year 2004. The mission statement of the company was to organize the world’s information by making it globally accessible and useful. The rapid growth environment characterized by numerous competitive ventures has led the company into adopting a series of strategies involving the chain of products, acquisitions and partnership s that transcend the core function s of the company or the search engine. The company has product offerings in the likes of productivity softwar... ... middle of paper ... ...f the best enrolling tools available to a company. The benefit package is the most important tool for job seeker because it saves the time, talent, and supports the people looking for job in making the right decision to choose among the opportunity their have. In conclusion, work is a very important part in live, and looking for a great place to work for is a significant priority for all people. Google Inc. is the most favorable workplace to work for. Working in Google has many advantages one being that employees are permitted some freedom so motivation to work in relaxed environment. Moreover, Google has less greed, fairness, and sharing revenue. In addition, Google has a g good reputation and it is a recognized company worldwide. That is why job seeker should pay attention to include these criteria in searching for job to choose the right company like Google
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